Revised Session One of The Any Person Mindset Webinar Series

Here is a link to the revised Session One of The Any Person Mindset Webinar Series.

It’s called Moving from The Star Performers Mindset to The Any Person Mindset.

I’ve updated it with a more detailed explanation of why it’s so important to move away from the idea that the key to managing a group of people to success is to focus on a few star performers and to move toward the idea that the key is to develop every person in the group to contribute the value he or she is capable of delivering.


How to Deal Effectively with a Change Thrust on You

My newest article is called, How to Deal Effectively with a Change Thrust On You.

Here’s the short version:

A major change is thrust on you today.

Don’t go into shock. Don’t react without thinking. Don’t run out to buy a book on how to deal with change.

Learn from Changes In Your Past

Instead remind yourself you’ve been dealing with changes your whole life. Step back and ask yourself three questions about any one of those changes.

  1. What did I do that was effective in dealing with that change, and why was it effective?
  2. What did I do that was not effective in dealing with that change, and why was it not effective?
  3. What would I differently if I could go back and redo my response to that change, and why do I think that would have been more effective than what I did?

If you invest fifteen minutes in thinking about three major changes you’ve dealt with in the past ten years, you will quickly assemble several useful ideas on how to deal effectively with the change you’re facing today. Look at your ideas and put the most useful ones into action right away.

Click here to read the full version of this article and/or to listen to the MP3 recording.

Five-Part Series on Know Your Assets for Significance

Yesterday I finished a five-part series of articles called, Know Your Assets for Significance.

I have this belief that any person can make a significant difference in the world. That goes hand in hand with my belief that every person has assets to make a significant difference. I believe that a person’s assets are not his or her title, income, authority, gender, race, height, size, personality type, or connections. I believe a person’s assets are his or her strongest character strengths, most valuable talents, greatest passions, most important beliefs, and most effective spontaneous thoughts.

I hope you find the ideas in these articles useful in your work life, in your community life, and in your home life. Here is a link to the articles. They are listed near the top under the theme of Thinking Traits of Significant Difference-Makers.

Empathy is The Most Powerful Skill

In his book, Humans are Underrated, Geoff Colvin makes a great case for why empathy is the most powerful skill humans have. He defines empathy as “discerning another person’s thoughts and feelings, and then responding in appropriate ways.”

I love that definition.

Employee empathy, boss empathy, customer empathy, and society empathy. Take the time to understand the other person’s thoughts and feelings, and then respond in appropriate and effective ways. Empathy is the key to successfully growing your business in a sustainable way.