Study the Best in People, There are No Perfect Role Models

I studied Johnny Carson for his easy-going humor, Jack Welch for his creation of common-sense management approaches, Walt Disney for his creative mind, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs for their focus, Oprah Winfrey for her ability to listen, Barbara Walters for her ability to ask, Steven Spielberg for his passion to build new worlds, and Ben Carson for his ability to think big.

I admire my dad for his commitment to his family, my mom for organizing and guiding six kids, my in-laws for their sixty years of laughing together in marriage, my wife for pulling people together with no drama, my son for his excitement of life, and my daughter for her big laugh and intense passions.

No one is perfect. Don’t miss out on all the value that you can gain from observing other people just because they are not perfect in every area of life. Neither am I and neither are you.

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