What will be your impact today?

Twenty years ago I asked Jerry Yeagley, who is the most succcessful NCAA Division I soccer coach in history, what he looks for when recruiting a high school soccer player. He told me he looks for the kid who made an impact on the game. He looks to answer this question: when the game is over, who had the greatest impact on the overall game?

As a business leader, how will you impact the performance of your organization today? Will you give someone else the freedom to make a decision and stay out of his or her way? Will you ask an insightful question for other people to consider?  Will you share a story to make a point? Will you point out the strengths you see in other people? Will you make a tough decision that you feel needs to be made? Will you be honest with other people in a professional and respectful manner?

What will be the impact you make today to improve the organization?

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