Simplify the Setting of a Strategy, Don’t Complicate It

To establish your business strategy, answer this series of basic questions in a clear way with realistic answers:

1. What are the most important objectives we want to achieve this year and why are these the most important objectives both for this year’s success and for our future success?

2. How will we achieve these objectives successfully this year and set ourselves up for success in the future?

3. How will our approach reinforce our desired brand and why is this approach better than the alternatives?

4. Who will do what when we execute this approach and why are they the best people for these roles?

5. When will we execute each part of this approach and why is this the best schedule of activities?

6. Where will these activities take place?

7. How will we measure our progress and when will we step back to determine if any course corrections need to be made?

Take your time to answer those questions in a clear manner so that everyone in your organization understands the answers. Hone them to the point that another person could read the answers and be able to explain what will happen over the next year and why it is a good direction for the business.

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