Three Keys to Receiving Feedback

If you want to improve as a business leader, it’s important to be open to hearing feedback and to be willing to change your behaviors. Here are three keys to effectively receiving feedback:

1. Don’t Gloss Over the Positives

Many people skip over the positive comments and go directly to the negatives. That’s a big mistake. Your best chance to becoming a great business leader is to build on your strengths. Don’t take them for granted. Be open to learning about what you do well.

2. Don’t be Paralyzed by Criticism

Criticism is not poisnonous. It will not kill you. It represents another person’s perspective on your performance. Listen to it and consider it carefully. See if there is anything in the criticism you can leverage to improve your performance, but don’t allow the criticism to paralyze you from ever trying to lead again.

3. Willingness to Learn, Not Defend

Ultimately, the value of receiving feedback is based on your willingness to learn rather than to defend yourself. If your first reaction is to always defend yourself in the face of any negative feedback, then you are unlikely to ever really improve as a business leader.

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