Extremely Good Traits Do Not Outweigh Extremely Bad Traits

If a person is exceptionally good at strategy or execution or product development or buidling relationships with key customers, that person has a very valuable asset for being an effective business leader.

However, if that person also has an extremely negative attribute such as dominating employees, acting in an abusive way toward other people, or stealing money from the company, then the good does not outweigh the bad. There is a basis of behaviors that no person can fall below and still be considered to be an effective business leader.

You need to build on strengths in order to build a great organization, but those necessary strengths do not mean that a person can operate with extremely poor behaviors just because he or she has a great strength. Too often individuals and their bosses turn a blind eye toward a debilitating weakness within the person while focusing solely on his or her strengths because the business results at the moment are really, really good. You need to confront your extreme weaknesses and so does your boss. Otherwise you will have great short-term success and end up derailing your career and your organization over the long run.

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