How to Gain Support for Innovations

While there are a lot of reasons why people inside a business won’t get serious about innovating, there is one reason they will take seriously. If the danger to the survival of the business is greater for not innovating than it is for innovating, then they will take innovating seriously. When a group of people understand that they might lose the company and their jobs, then they realize they have to innovate.

Other companies can attack yours in two ways:

Frist, they can create products and services that provide less value than you are offering at a lower price for customers who don’t need as much value as they get from you and would like to pay a lot less money. These competitors will also capture new customers that you could have had, but they are not willing to pay you what you want.

Another way that companies can take business away from you is to create a product or service that provides more value than you provide and that your customers or potential customers are willing to pay for.

If you don’t innovate, then your customer base will get smaller and smaller. Some people will stay out of loyalty and some will stay because they will never lift their head to look around at their options. But those groups of people are getting smaller and smaller, especially as the internet provides more and more instant information on every imaginable product and service.

Once you’ve gained the attention of the people who work in your business to the importance of innovating, convert their fear to enthusiasm by explaining the huge opportunity that a specific effective innovation can bring to the organization. This will attract your best folks to the project.

WARNING: Of course, you have to actually believe that the innovation will improve the future. If you are just selling the idea of innovating and not focusing on the reality of the hard work involved in innovating, then just doing new things for the sake of it will not help your company. It will actually hurt your company as you expend a lot of time, energy, and money on doing new things just for the sake of doing new things.


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