The Enormous Value of Clarity

What causes managers to fail?

Certainly rude or domineering behaviors would be near the top of the list. However, a more subtle form of poor communication is not clarifying what you expect from your employees. Take the time to write down your answers to these basic questions about each employee that you are managing. (If you have fifty people in the same role and you have the same expectations for all of them, then communicate your answers to these questions to all fifty of them.)

What is the person’s role and what are his or her responsibilities?

What results do you expect the person to deliver?

How do you expect the person to behave on the road to achieving those results?

If you don’t take the time to answer those three questions and communicate your answers to the employee, how can you hold the person accountable for not doing what you want him or her to do? Every boss has different answers to those questions. Take the time to clarify the answers for your employees. Then hold them accountable with positive and negative consequences.

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