See the Downside of Micromanaging, Focus on the Upside of Not Micromanaging

Take out a sheet of paper.

Write down all the problems you create by micromanaging other people. (Just to help you get started, I’ll throw in a couple: you sap the energy and excitement out of your best employees, and you create an environment where weak employees simply wait to be told what to do and never learn to think for themselves.)

Then write down all the benefits of not micromanaging other people. (For starters, you don’t have to do all the thinking in your organization, and those other people might very well come up with better ideas than you have.)

Micromanaging is absolutely counter-productive to being an effective business leader. When you micromanage other people, they will doubt that you trust them. And then there’s another couple dozen problems associated with it.

Lead, don’t micromanage.


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