Take Responsibility for Yourself

By far the most important person for you to focus on improving in your organization is you.

Imagine a house on a foundation that has a variety of cracks in it. No matter how great the house is it will not survive over the long term if those cracks are not sealed well. You are the foundation upon which a lot of the future success of your business resides. No matter how great the current results are your organization will not succeed over the long term unless you seal the cracks within your own foundation.

If you take that attitude seriously, you will see the importance of focusing on yourself and taking responsibiility to improve yourself. Here are three buckets I would like for you to think about: your physical health, your internal attitudes and thoughts, and your interactions with other people.

For each of these three areas, what do you need to sacrifice and not do anymore, and what do you need to discipline yourself to either keep doing or to start doing?

After you write down your answers for all three areas, carry that sheet with you wherever you go and read it over daily. As you let go of the stuff that widens the cracks in your foundation and you keep the stuff, or start using the stuff, that strengthens your foundation, you will steadily build a base that you can create an even greater business upon.

It literally starts with you.

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