The Business Leader’s Skillsets

It’s a tall order, but to provide successful business leadership you need to ensure that three skillsets exist in your organization and are applied effectively:

Execution Skillset: understanding the marketplace, establishing objectives and a plan, and implementing the details of that plan. Ultimately, it has to be decided who will do what when and why that should happen. Then it has to be decided how those activities will be carried out. And then they have to actually be accomplished.

Innovation Skillset: leveraging conversations, observations, and hands-on experience to understand what your customers want to achieve, whether they can state it or not, and create appropriate value to help them do so.

Branding Skillset: clarifying the value you want to be known for delivering to specific customers and then maintaining discipline throughout the organization to continually create that value and let other people know it is available.

As the business leader, you need to make sure these three areas are covered, otherwise you won’t be able to sustain success over the long term.

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