Influence 900 Decisions Every Day

Let’s say you have 300 people in your organization. Or 300 customers. Or 300 readers.

Leadership means influencing how other people think so they make decisions that improve results in a sustainable way.

If each of those 300 people make three decisions every day that affect results for your organization in some meaningful way, then you can influence 900 decisions every day.

What story will you tell, what explanation will you provide, what piece of data or research will you offer, what strong statement will you make, what key question will you ask, and what example will you provide to those 300 people that will affect how they think? Once you decide on your answer, then move into action.

You don’t have to do the thinking for those 300 people. You just need to influence how they think. And if you do a really good job at it every once in awhile your influence will last for a very long time. You don’t have to influence them every day in order to have a daily impact on those 900 decisions.


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