Result or Relationship

Sometimes you will be faced with a situation that is truly an either-or situation. If that becomes a “result or relationship” situation, I encourage you as a business leader to emphasize the relationship part of that equation.

Say it’s three days before the end of the quarter. You are $80,000 short of achieving your quarterly goal. You get a project for $90,000, but you have a long-standing agreement with an outside source to give her 20% of all business that came to you as a result of previous projects that she guided to you. She doesn’t know about this new project, which came to you indirectly from a previous project that she had secured for you, and is unlikely to hear about it, especially before the quarter ends. You could put the $90,000 in the bank, hit your quarterly goal, and “no harm” will be done.

Or you can send her $18,000, likely miss your target, and hear some negative repercussions from your boss. Maybe it’s the third straight quarter where you missed your revenue objective and your job is on the line.

What do you do?

I encourage you to think about the long term. If you act with integrity, the other person knows she can trust you. If you act with integrity, you know you can trust yourself in the future. That’s; two very important relationships. One with a person who refers new business to you, and one with yourself.

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