The Problem with Giving Unsolicited Feedback

If you are a respected business leader who affects strategy, execution, innovation, and/or branding, then don’t mess it up by giving excessive unsolicited feedback to your employees.

Here’s an example. A group of your employees are planning a happy hour for the staff. You decide to weigh in and start giving recommendations on great places to go to and you present them with the pros and cons of each place.

Stop. Don’t do that. It will irritate the heck out of people and no one will tell you. The more you give unsolicited feedback, the more you are going to dilute your impact as a leader. Be very selective about when you give people input. Don’t just randomly run into them in the hallway and start peppering them with questions and suggestions.

Save your impact for a few key moments. Be okay with not giving input, with not adding value, and with not leading. Just be there without always being the problem-solver or the advisor.

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