What Is One Thing You Do Not Know About Yourself?

Over the past fifteen years I’ve provided 1,700 executive coaching sessions for over150 senior-level executives and managers in over 30 industries. I’ve noticed that those who go on to greater success and those who stall in their careers or get let go share one thing in common and one thing that separates them.

All 150 of them had at least one aspect of themselves that was keeping them from being more effective as a business leader. That’s what they had in common.

What separated those people who went on to greater success from those who spiraled downward or maintained the status quo was the willingness to tackle that one aspect  of themselves. The stubborn ones refused to adjust an obvious weakness whether it was the way they talked to people or dressed or made decisions or implemented plans. Why did they refuse? Arrogance, pride, ego, the usual stuff. But the business leaders who could accept that they always needed to improve were the ones who made adjustments, overcame a singular weakness, and became more effective.

Do you know what one thing is holding you back from being a better business leader?

Are you willing to make adjustments in order to overcome that one thing?

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