Dream Weekend The Essence of My Improvement For Two-Plus Decades

I want to explain the most valuable activity I’ve done in terms of personal and professional development over the past 20 years. We call it Dream Weekend. Starting in 1992, my great friend, Jeff Hutchison, and I met for three days. On Friday we discussed what went well in our lives over the past year, on Saturday we discussed what didn’t go well over the past year, and on Sunday we took some quiet time to write down our thoughts and then we discussed what we wanted the next year to look like. We covered every area of our lives. In 1993 another great friend of ours, Mike Feder, joined our Dream Weekend.

That means for 20 straight years, with the exception of one insanely busy year where we couldn’t get away, Feds, Hutch, and myself have sat down somewhere in the U.S. to reflect on and discuss what went well, what didn’t go well, and what we wanted the future to be like. The impact on every aspect of our lives has been truly profound. At the time, Mike had one son, Jon, who was a year old. Now we have 8 children between the three of us ranging from 20 to 11 years old. We’ve all changed jobs during that time.

Through it all we’ve tried to keep learning and growing and improving. Feds died ten days ago, but his presence and influence live on. He taught me a great, great deal at those Dream Weekends about life and integrity and what is truly important. Our Dream Weekends will continue for many, many more years. And Feds will be there continuing to influence Hutch and myself.

I encourage you to establish your own Dream Weekend. Find a friend or two, explain the concept, and move into action. I think you will find it to be a remarkably life-enhancing experience.

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