Keep Trying

Last week I went to the Blood Drive at my church. I showed up at 3:30 for my 3:45 appointment, but I didn’t see any of the usual Red Cross posters around or those delicious cookies. I looked all over and finally found an administrative assistant. She told me there was no Blood Drive that day. Then she looked it up on the calendar, and I found out I was a week early.

I went back yesterday to the Blood Drive. Read all the materials and asked a volunteer if my family vacation to Mexico last summer would keep me from giving. He said he didn’t think it would matter. I waited in line, met with the person from the Red Cross, filled out the questions, and then remembered to ask again if my cruise in Mexico would throw me off. After several more minutes of questions, she said, “You will be eligible to give blood in seven more months.”

That meant two trips in one week and no blood donation. At first, I was very frustrated, and then I just smiled. This is what it’s like for people who want to be great business leaders.

You study, you research the market, you plan, and then you execute as well as you can. And nothing happens. The market shifted at the exact moment you moved into action. Or a decision you made five months ago that you forgot about keeps you from being able to do what you want to do today. Or you made a mistake on your calendar and you made a trip to visit a customer and the customer wasn’t there.

Guess what? Keep trying. Keep making modifications. Keep adjusting your approach. Eventually you will find an opportunity to put value into the marketplace and be rewarded for your efforts. Eventually you will find the right product or service at the right time for the right audience. Keep trying.

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