Leadership Development vs Leadership Impact

Leadership development is a good thing. It’s important to continually develop your ability to influence how other people think so they make decisions that improve results in a sustainable manner.

Leadership development happens in many ways: reading books, work experiences, volunteer community efforts, spending time with a mentor in your organization, attending a seminar, working with an outside coach, and so on. Don’t ever feel you’ve “arrived” as a leader. Instead focus on always being willing to learn how to be a more effective leader.

However, at the end of the day it is not enough to just develop yourself as a leader. That’s just the starting point. At the end of each day, the key is to make an impact as a leader. APPLY WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DEVELOPING. In the absence of application or the waiting for the perfect moment that never arrives, you have not acted as a leader.

Today try to do something that might have an impact on how other people think. Have a phone conversation, meet with someone face-to-face, make a presentation, write an article, send someone a handwritten letter, or DO something else that might impact other people. Actually the best way to develop yourself as a leader is to try to impact how other people think and then to reflect on what you’ve done and determine how you can be more effective as a leader the next time.


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