Competitive Behaviors versus Competitive Strategies

Recently Charlie Rose interviewed Michael Porter about strategies that could help the U.S. be more competitive in a highly-competitive world. Here’s the link. Porter explained eight broad, high-level strategies that he believes will affect the direction of the U.S. toward becoming more competitive on the global stage.

High-level strategies that affect the nature and direction of an organization are very important and can be extremely useful. However, for an organization to compete, individuals in the organization must act in competitive ways.

Here are six competitve behaviors that individuals can do that I believe really matter: define winning (what would have to happen in terms of your efforts that you would consider a victory for your organization?) prepare to win (do what it takes to get yourself ready to deliver that victory), maintain a burning desire to win and to do so honestly, persevere through challenges, analyze your performances and improve in the details, and be comfortable with getting other people uncomfortable (it’s okay to challenge the way other people think and behave, just do so in a mature and respectful way.)

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