Faith is believing that the actions you take today will generate the results you want in the future.

Faith is not complicated, but it is crucial for sustaining your effort over a long period of time. Let’s look at the components of faith.

First, you have to take actions. It’s not enough to believe you will eventually succeed. You have to implement actions that you believe in. Periodically review your activities to see if you still think they are the best activities to help you achieve what you want to achieve. If they aren’t, what will you do instead?

Second, what results do you really want? Be specific about that. Know what you want. Activity is not success. Doing activities that generate your desired results is success. Therefore, you have to know the desired results.

Third, you don’t know how far away the “future” is. Is it 24 hours? Is it 24 days or months or years? Unfortunately, we rarely know going in how long it will take to achieve our desired outcomes. Take off the pressure of the timeframe and just focus on what you want to achieve. Rather than worrying about achieving results within your arbitrary timeframe, I suggest you focus on working in a faithful manner. If you truly believe your activities will generate your desired results, then take the pressure off of yourself and stay focused. Worrying won’t make the results happen. Doing the activities you have selected in a faithful manner will help you to achieve what you want to achieve.

Maintain faith that your acivities will generate what you want in the future.

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