To Be Trusted By Others, First Trust Yourself

Many volumes have been written that all say the same thing: in order to lead others, the foundation is they have to trust you.

If you are a business leader of any significance, you have access to some of life’s biggest temptations: corporate dollars that aren’t yours but could easily become yours, extramarital affairs, bogus business results that could lead to big bonuses, drugs, alcohol, and much more.

Do you trust yourself to be able to have access to temptations and still make the right choices?

If you can’t trust yourself, how can you expect other people to consistently trust you over the long term? If you can’t get other people to trust your reliability, you will forfeit the opportunity to sustain your impact as a business leader. Forget that you can “get away with it.” How many examples do we need of famous business and political leaders who lost their impact because they thought “they could get away with it”?

Be able to handle temptation every day and then you never need to worry about whether or not other people will trust you.

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