Persevere through Periods of Feeling Irrelevant

The star athlete gets hurt and is out for the three months in the midde of the season.

The star salesperson works for nine months on three big deals and they all fall through.

The rising political star loses two elections in a row.

The VP of Operations loses her job due to a downsizing and attends meetings of business people looking for jobs.

It’s fairly easy to feel irrelevant, which according to “means not relating or pertinent to the matter at hand and not important.”

After Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence he became seemingly irrelevant. During the writing of the U.S. Constituation, he was in Paris. During George Washington’s eight years as president, he was back at his home. But…

…he stayed engaged in the political matters that meant the most to him. He remained in the conversation. Then he became vice-president and then president of the U.S. He oversaw the greatest expansion of the U.S. in history with the Louisiana Purchase. He pushed onward for Americans to see what was available to the west. He left an extraordinary impact on the world that has evolved into dozens, if not hundreds, of democratic nations.

If you are enduring a period of feeling irrelevant, hang in there. Stay focused on the reasons why you want to do what you want to do. You don’t know when the next door might open or how big the room will be. Keep your mind in that area of focus. Persevere.

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