Thinking Leader

Visionary leader. Practical leader. People leader.

What type of leader are you?

A few days ago I gave a ninety-minute presentation at a very large healthcare organization. I challenged the audience of three hundred of their top executives and managers to really dig into the details of providing effective leadership for their workforce of nearly 30,000 people.

When I was all done I sat in the audience and watched the next four hours of the meeting, and I asked myself what had been accomplished during my session. No decisions were made. No new strategies were developed or tactical redirections decided upon.

Instead people sat and thought and exchanged ideas with one another. As I thought about that I smiled. What we had done together was to go back to the basics of leadership. We had thought about what needed to be done and why and how it could be done.

In other words, we focused on being thinking leaders. That’s the starting point of effective leadership. After you carefully think, then move into action. Actions and decisions are important, but clear thinking is the starting point.

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