Charcoal and Business Leadership Impact

I was grilling some hamburgers yesterday. To light the charcoal I have this nifty device where you pile charcoal into the top half and fill the bottom half with crumpled newspaper. After I light the newspaper it burns away very quickly, but somehow the device creates massive heat and lights the charcoal. Then the pile of charcoal gets hotter and hotter and stays hot when I spread it out around the pit. And then it cooks our meal.

Leadership is very much like this.

Something set you on fire. Your parents perhaps or maybe a teacher or a coach or a boss or a friend or a book. Then you stayed lit for a very long time. And over time you made and continue to make your impact on the world. Take your time and be patient. Just like that charcoal, you have the capacity to make an impact built into you. Sometimes it requires perseverance before you start to heat up other situations and make a lasting impact for other people.

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