The Conundrum of the Mindset of a Leader

People with The Employee’s Mindset say, “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it very well.”

People with The Leader’s Mindset say, “Tell me the outcome you want to achieve and I will figure out how to achieve it.”

People with The Leader’s Mindset can become very successful entrepreneurs and senior-level executives. However, and this is the conundrum, at some point someone is going to tell the person with The Leader’s Mindset what to do. It might be the CEO of the company, it might be a major customer, it might be the Chairman of the Board, or it might be someone from the government who really doesn’t know the business, but who has the final say on a certain issue.

Now the person with The Leader’s Mindset has to accept this new boundary in his or her work and has to be able to operate within this parameter. This is where some people with The Leader’s Mindset blow it. They can’t accept anyone telling them what to do on any topic. However, remember that the objective is to be effective and to improve results rather than being defensive and shutting down. When you are faced with this situation, I encourage you to accept that there are certain decisions you just have to live with even if you disagree with them, and then decide what you can do within that parameter to achieve the desired result.

Obviously if you think the decision you’re being forced to live with is morally or ethically wrong, then you may very well have to leave the organization or shut your business down. However, the vast majority of decisions that you have to live with don’t fall into that category. It was just another person’s decision and he or she is the final decision-maker. In those situations, accept the fact that you don’t get to be the final decision-maker and then move forward within that framework to do what you can do to improve the desired outcome. Don’t whine and moan and belittle the decision. Live with it and move forward effectively.

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