The Calm Observer

The Calm Observer is the leader who can join a meeting of ten people and just listen for the first thirty minutes. Then he or she will raise his or her hand and ask to get in line to share input. Then this person will start to quote other people in the room so that everyone knows that he or she was really listening to what was said. Then this person offers a perspective in a calm, clear manner. The Calm Observer uses this approach whether he or she is in charge of the group or is the newest person to the group.

The Calm Observer can apply this approach toward improving day-to-day operations as well improving the approach the organization takes toward improving results for its marketplace. By staying calm, this person doesn’t get caught up in the drama of the discussion, but rather can see useful tendencies and can address them.

Two Questions for The Calm Observer Approach to Leadership:

  1. After you observe for thirty minutes, what stands out to you in terms of behaviors you’ve seen or comments you’ve heard?
  2. How can you calmly share your insights in ways that can improve performance either on a day-to-day basis or in the way the organization adds value to its marketplace?

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