The Listener

The Listener is the person who listens so well while the other person shares an idea that he or she feels empowered to keep adding more to the concept.

Caryn was the Regional Vice-President of a $900 Million business region, and she was a phenomenal listener. I watched as Caryn interacted with people in one-on-one conversations, in meetings of eight people, and in conferences of 200 people, and she always listened amazingly well. If someone brought up an idea, she would listen with total focus on the person. That helped the person feel empowered to keep explaining his or her idea in more depth. In doing so, the idea became richer and stronger and more detailed. Many times these ideas that started off by someone making a point ended up being realities that improved results. It all started because Caryn really listened.

Two Questions for The Listener Approach to Leadership

1. How do you listen when another person is talking in a private conversation, in a small group meeting, and in a large group meeting?

2. What message are you sending to the person who is speaking and to the other people in the room by the way in which you listen, and is that the message you want to be sending?

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