The Orchestrator

The Orchestrator is the leader who thinks through the sequence of activities and conversations that need to occur in order to improve a result.

Through discussions with executives in a wide variety of corporations I’ve learned that it is not enough to know what to do and who to meet with in order to improve a result or gain support for a new project. You have to think through the order of who to talk to first, second, and third, and which activity needs to be accomplished first, second, and third. If you just move into action without orchestrating the sequence of people and events, then you may very well never gain any support or momentum for the project.

Two Questions for The Orchestrator Approach to Leadership

1. Who are five individuals or groups that you need to gain the support of in order for your project to succeed?

2. In what order do you need to meet with these people to gain their support so that in the end your project will gain the support it needs to succeed?

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