The Visionary

The Visionary is the leader who explains clearly what success will look like when it is achieved.

This was Walt Disney’s particular strength. In the making of the film, Snow White, he acted out the parts of Snow White, the evil queen, and the seven dwarfs so the animators could see what the final version was supposed to look like.

Two Questions for The Visionary Approach to Leadership

1. If your organization, or your part of the organization, is truly successful two years from now, what will that success look like? (Consider bringing a small group of people together to discuss what that picture of success would look like if your organization is truly successful.)

2. How can you explain to your employees what that success will look like two years from now for your organization or your part of the organization? (Can you add in detailed descriptions and explain it with enthusiasm so the picture of success becomes crystal clear for everyone? In doing so, you will help people see how their efforts today are moving toward making that vision a reality.)

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