Disastrous Leadership Approach, The I Will Get the Results No Matter What it Takes Person

The I’ll-get-the-results-no-matter-what-it-takes Approach is used by the person who tosses out ethics on the road to hitting a number.

Bernard Madoff, Ken Lay, and Bernie Ebbers. The names have almost slipped away from people’s memories, yet these individuals cheated big time and robbed their companies and society of tens of millions of dollars. If you can’t operate with integrity, you cannot be a great business leader. It really is that simple and straightforward.

Two Questions to Avoid The I’ll-get-the-results-no-matter-what-it-takes Approach 

1. Are you getting the business results in a way that you would be willing to explain to anyone in your business or at home?

2. If you’re not comfortable with the way in which you get business results, what alternative approach can you use that will allow you to sleep at night?

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