Disastrous Leadership Approach, The Constant Intervener

The Constant Intervener is the person who is knowledgeable and has real value to offer, but overwhelms people by constantly offering advice and correcting them in every situation.

Giving advice to another person can be really helpful in improving a situation. However, if the advice becomes more like machine gun fire, then it becomes overwhelmingly ineffective. Employees get sick to death of being given advice every time they turn around, and yet The Constant Intervener keeps stepping into every project and every situation to offer more suggestions. You have to pick your moments to offer advice or other people will eventually tune you out even if you’re the CEO. It’s human nature to say, “Enough is enough. Either trust me or fire me.”

Two Questions to Avoid the Disastrous Constant Intervener Approach

1. How many times today have you intervened in a conversation with another person to offer advice or suggestions or direction?

2. What could you do differently the next time that will cause the person to pause and really think rather than just considering your suggestion?

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