Brand Feeder #10: Provide Free Value, otherwise known as The Santa Approach

One of my favorite movies on branding is Miracle on 34th Street. That’s the one where the Santa at Macy’s tells the moms where they can buy certain toys that aren’t available at Macy’s. In other words, Santa gave away free value and instead of losing customers he actually increased customers for Macy’s because the moms knew they would get good advice on where to find things. He was like an early version of Google, which also gives away tons of information for free and has built an amazing business.

What value that is relevant to your customers can you give away for free? This is important. People love the opportunity to try out an organization before they commit to a paying relationship. Do you have some type of free value on your website so people can gain a sense of what it is like to work with you? Can you put free advice on your website, can you give away free samples of your product, or can you let your customers try your service for free for 30 days?

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