I Can See Clearly Now

I just finished reading an interesting book called, I Can See Clearly Now, by Wayne Dyer. It has 57 chapters. Each chapter is about four pages long. In the first two pages of each chapter he wrote a story about a specific time in his life. The next two pages explains how he sees that event today. Over the course of the book you see how one person evolved.

I encourage you to do the same thing. Keep a journal for a month. Think about an event or phase in your life. Write down how you felt at that time and why you did what you did. Then write down how you feel about that event or phase today.

I think you will increase your understanding of yourself a great deal, and you will see how the dots connect together. In a famous speech at Stanford University, Steve Jobs pointed out that you can only make the dots connect together by looking backward. Then you can see how things make sense. This can open up your belief about how things you do today can affect your future.

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