Be Less Intense With People

Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself so seriously. Don’t stress people out in the middle of every conversation.

Rolling your eyes, shrugging your shoulders, showing obvious disappointment in other people, taking heavy sighs, and tapping your finger on your desk while looking at another person are all ways to show extreme intensity and impatience¬†to another person when it’s really not necessary.

You might argue that you’re not screaming or swearing at the person and so it’s not really that bad. While that may be true, it still shows that bubbling inside of you is an extremely intense emotion that is seeping its way out to the other person. If you’re like that all day with every person you meet with or every time with certain people, then I encourage you to “chill out,” which is a phrase my kids make fun of me for.

Just chill. Go for a walk outside. Look at pictures of your family. Think about funny moments. Sit back and laugh. If you can dissipate some of the intense emotions running through your mind and body, you can come across to other people as calmer and more confident and more trusting of them. If you make them feel that you are upset with them or impatient with them during every second of the conversation, you are likely not going to get their best performance. Who wants to be around that kind of intensity every second?

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