What’s the minimum level of excellence you will accept in anything you do?

Disney/Pixar Animation Studios has made 14 films and all 14 have gone to #1 at the box office. The entire Walt Disney Company depends on these films to create new characters and rides and merchandising items and on and on. Each film generates profits in many different ways. From 2006 to 2013 they made one film every year.

However, in 2014 Ed Catmull decided that the film slated for that year was not meeting the standard of excellence he expected from Pixar, and so he delayed the film until 2015. That move said an enormous amount to me. It said that he placed excellence above short-term profits. He thought about the long-term brand and the relationship with customers who expect a high degree of excellence from Pixar.

In your work what is the minimum level of excellence that you are willing to accept? Clarify that. And then never let anything you deliver be below that minimum standard. And you can always raise that standard in the future.

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