Don’t Fill Slots, Help People Contribute Great Value

A manager has slots to fill in her organization .

She asks, “Who can fill this slot?” The manager searches long and hard to find the best person for that slot. She does her best to recruit that person. And then the slot is filled and the manager moves on to her next task.

The new hire is excited about getting this job for awhile. Then frustration sets in because he feels that he is seen as only being capable of filling this one slot. He’s not seen for everything he can bring to the organization. He is only seen as a slot-filler. This reduces the person’s sense of self-worth.

This dynamic happens over and over in organizations. Instead of seeing your role as filling slots with good people, see your job as getting each employee to contribute his or her greatest passions and strengths toward helping the organization to succeed. In that way each employee has an unlimited opportunity to make a significant difference.

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