Distractions Can Wait, Stay Focused

My sister, Cathy, led the team that created the It Can Wait campaign at AT&T to try to get people to not text and drive.

But it’s more than that.

It’s don’t email and drive, don’t look at a map and drive, don’t check a score and drive, don’t turn around and yell at your kids and drive, and so much more. If you are going to make a significant difference with your life, you need to be around in order to do that. Ignore distractions. Stay focused on what you’re doing. Keep your eyes on the road when you’re driving. Do not take your eyes off of the road.

But it’s more than that.

Stay focused in your life. Do the task you’re doing at that moment. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted every ten seconds. Stay focused until the task is completed. Then move to the next task. In most situations, the distraction can wait. Your boss can wait, your customer can wait, your family can wait. Stay focused. You don’t have to jump from everything you’re doing to try to solve someone else’s “crisis” of the moment. When you’re done, then turn your attention to the other person.

The text can wait while you’re driving and so can your need for information. Other people can wait a reasonable amount of time while you finish your task. Stay focused and do it as well as you can.

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