Read “Got Your Attention?” by Sam Horn

I encourage you to read a new book by Sam Horn called Got Your Attention?: how to create intrigue and connect with anyone.

It is filled with practical ways to gain and keep another person’s attention. We live in a distracted world, and it’s essential to be intriguing. This book is 190 pages of direct, specific ways to get another person’s attention quickly and keep it for the long term.

This book has sizzle and steak. The sizzle consist of easy-to-remember approaches like “Ask ‘Did You Know’ Questions”, “Show Them The Fish”, and “Keep It Brief or They’ll Give You Grief”. It also is packed with useful and memorable quotes.

The steak is that it provides the reader with a repeatable process for getting the attention of your buyer immediately and then keeping that relationship over the long term.

I think Got Your Attention? is an extremely valuable and practical book for anyone wanting to improve the direction and sustained success of their organization.

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