Leadership and the Importance of Appropriateness

It’s usually not the message that hurts a potential leader’s impact.

Instead it’s a lack of appropriateness.

There are four factors to keep in mind:

  • Appropriate timing
  • Appropriate topics
  • Appropriate wording
  • Appropriate tone, volume, and non-verbals

Before you deliver your message, ask yourself if it’s appropriate. You might honest and caring, and still be incredibly ineffective if you are significantly inappropriate.

Study one person this month

Choose someone who you think exemplifies excellence in some way.

Don’t worry about their faults. You’re not trying to become that person. You just want to learn a little more about how people become truly excellent in their field of performance.

As you study this person, search for their habits. Their habits will help you learn way more excellence than their natural gifts. What does, or what did, this person do consistently in order to become so good at what he or she does or did?

To-Do Lists versus Must-Do Lists

To-Do Lists are large containers.

They keep everything you need to do at some point in time. They can be very long, and you can add to them continuously.

Must-Do Lists are small containers.

They only have the two or three things you must get done today before you go to sleep. Do not allow your Must-Do List to become overloaded. At most three items can go on it. And then those things must be done today. You should have something on your Must-Do List every day, but no more than three items.

Excellence is the Goal, Not Perfection

Excellence is doing the best you can at whatever you’re doing while simultaneously learning how to do it better the next time.

With that definition in mind, excellence is attainable every day.

What’s not attainable is perfection. Focusing on being perfect is both a waste of time and a dangerous emotional activity. Since it’s an impossible state to ever reach we can put ourselves in a constant state of depression if we make perfection our goal.

Just try your best, and then try to get better. That’s more than enough of a challenge.