If there is one word that I think could be used more in business it is forgiveness.

People work very hard. They become tired. Sometimes they say things that come out in a way that they didn’t mean, or they say things they shouldn’t have said but they just blurted it out.

I find that oftentimes others act too quickly to banish or bash the guilty person.

How about saying, “I want you to take some time to reflect on what you said, and then let’s talk about it.” Given this opportunity, the guilty person can discern what went through his or her mind and realize why he or she said what was said. Then the person can apologize in a sincere manner.

Then you are in a position to do something remarkable and that is to genuinely forgive the other person for the mistake he or she made.

In business there is always a lot of money involved in situations. Can you set that money to the side and truly forgive someone who said something in a way that he or she didn’t mean to do so in such a hurtful way?

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