Value All the People You Work With

During sports playoff seasons like the NFL I’m continually reminded that games are won and lost based on the contributions of all of the players and all of the coaches and trainers. One lapse in performance anywhere on the field or in preparation for the game can make the difference between winning and losing.

There are no “low-level people”. There are people in different roles and with different functions. However, every role and every function is very, very important. If it is not important, then get rid of that role or function. As long as the role and the function exist, then value the person in that role or function.

This doesn’t mean everyone is paid the same. It does mean that every person should be valued and treated with respect. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking some people can just be dismissed as “low value contributors.” That might be the person who makes or ruins a customer relationship for your organization.

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