What will your story be?

My daughter, Sarah, is a double major in Theater Arts and TV Arts. I think of it as a Massive Major in Creativity. She’s learning how to help create meaningful stories. I’m excited about her journey.

She’s learning all of the details (scripts, plot, characters, acting, actors, directors, producers, scene design, etc. of making a story come to life.) Over the course of a period of time, the story is created piece by piece. When it’s all done, it’s shown to whoever wants to see it. And that story impacts other people.

Many of my biggest decisions were impacted by watching a story. To Sir, With Love; Dead Poet’s Society, Awakenings; Good Will Hunting, and Field of Dreams all had a profound effect on my career decisions.

A great story engages the viewer. You’re not watching a film or show. You are actually in the story. You feel pain or sadness or happiness or worry or joy because of what is happening by the actors and to the actors.

In your own life you are making a story right now. At the end of the year, the story will be called, Write in your name)’s 2019, or maybe something a little more intriguing than that. Take time now while the story is in its early stages to really think through what you want the final film to be about. What will be the main message of the film, what’s the aspiration of the main characters, what’s the primary conflict, what will be resolved, and how will it end?

Picture your film in your mind, and then make it a reality. The story is intentionally created one day at a time.

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