A Leap in the Dark

In the preface of his book, A Leap in the Dark, John Ferling wrote,

“The title of this book was taken from a line in a newspaper essay written in 1776 by a Pennsylvanian who opposed American independence. To separate from the mother country, he cautioned, was to make ‘a leap in the dark,’ to jump into an uncertain future.

There were those who were ready to take the chance and those who resisted approaching the abyss that would be ushered in by breaking with the past. It was a leap into an unpredictable place to resist British policies, go to war, declare independence, embrace republicanism, ratify the Constitution, enfranchise additional citizens, permit those who had never been trusted with public office to be elected as public officials, and to cast aside the habits of the colonial past.

“Each step was uncertain and chancy. The success of the American Revolution was far from inevitable.”

It all looks so inevitable from where we sit now, but just imagine how risky this massive change must have seemed to people living in the American colonies back then.

What change are you considering right now that you really want to do in your organization or in your career? Does it seem overly risky? Is it a leap in the dark? Imagine going out fifty years into the future and seeing this move as an inevitable success. It’s happened before.

I’m just saying.

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