It Really Is About the Journey

When you are on a quest to fulfill a purpose or achieve an objective, you take one step after another. Step by step by step. The reward is in the doing, the striving, the learning, the caring, the achieving, the failure, and the frustration. You won’t always win. You won’t always achieve the objective. It’s the sum total of the whole experience that matters.

Not winning doesn’t take away from the experience at all. Not even a little bit.

I love to watch Roger Federer play tennis. He’s my all-time favorite player to watch followed by Bjorn Borg. Those two tried, they worked, they prepared, and they gave everything they could in every match.

Today Roger Federer lost in the 4th Round of the Australian Open to a 20-year-old player from Greece named Stefanos Tsitsipas. He strove, he tried, he worked, he prepared, and he lost.

Doesn’t matter. The beauty is in the journey.

If you feel called to fulfill a particular purpose at home, in your extended family, in your community, in your work, or in the world, go for it. Don’t place your sense of self-worth on the outcome. Just go on the journey. Sometimes it will go well, and sometimes it won’t. Doesn’t matter. Just go. Built into the journey is the enormous value of being on the journey.

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