Your Story Hasn’t Been Written Yet

I’m reading the book, Grant, by Ron Chernow. I’m on page 90. Ulysses Grant is 32 years old. He just resigned from the U.S. Army after multiple drinking issues. He has two children and no money. His wife and children are 1800 miles away. He suffers from alcoholism, depression, and a propensity for making really bad financial investments. It’s April 11, 1854.

Over the next 11 years he leads the North to victory in the Civil War and preserves the United States of America. He goes on to become the President of the United States.

Whatever challenge you’re dealing with today is almost certainly not the end of your story. There are many chapters still to go.

Take a deep breath, focus on what you want to do today, and step forward. Who knows where the journey can take you.

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