To Deliver Excellence, Study Excellence

Excellence, as I define it, is doing the best you can while learning how to do it better the next time.

If you want to deliver excellence in your work, I encourage you to study excellence in other people’s work.

Bill Belichick is hated by many people. My suggestion is stop wasting your time on hate, and see what you can learn from what he does well and how he does it so well. Over the past 20 years his team has been very competitive in 9 Super Bowls and has won 6 of them. This just doesn’t happen by accident or by cheating. He’s doing something extraordinarily well.

I believe his secret is literally in the details. He understands the details of overall strategy and tactics of football, his own personnel, the other team’s personnel, and the other team’s coaching habits and trends. He then assembles a plan to take away the other team’s strengths and exploit their weaknesses. Recently he said his father, Steve, who coached at Navy, owned more than 4,000 books on football exclusively focused on pre-1960 football. He talked about spending many hours in the basement of the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio as a boy. He has literally spent a lifetime immersed in the details of how to win football games.

I don’t know very much about football. I have no idea what all those X’s and O’s really mean. But I do realize that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have demonstrated excellence over the past two decades, and I believe they have lessons to teach all of us.

I believe the lesson for all of us on how to deliver excellence is in the details, the details of whatever we do.

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