Who Has Influenced Your Life?

My son, Ben, had to conduct an interview for his senior language arts class. He needed someone who talks a lot. He said to his teacher, “I’ve got just the right guy.” I’m not sure I’m taking that as a compliment.

One question was, “Who has influenced your life?” I said, “My dad. He was remarkably consistent. He was married to the same woman for 54 years, worked at the same organization for 42 years, went to church several times a week at 6 AM for many decades, always focused on his family over work, constantly kept encouraging all of his kids to keep going, and had the same mantra all of his life: good things come to those who wait.”

Thinking about my dad, who died almost exactly ten years ago, made me realize how one person affects another person. So much of him is in me. One my favorite sayings to my son is, “Habits make all the difference. Develop good habits and you never know what you might be able to achieve.”

I think Dad and I were saying the same thing.

Who has influenced your life?

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