Presidents Day: The Range of Leadership Backgrounds

George Washington. Abraham Lincoln.

One had massive wealth. He risked everything he owned over and over by riding his horse on the battlefield in order to lead his troops in the battle against the British. He declared war when he had a tiny army to battle the world’s military superpower.

One was extraordinarily poor and basically read his way to become a gifted writer and speaker. He stood firm to his beliefs even as the enemy quickly approached the White House. He declared war when the South had most of the senior military leadership and most of the ammunition.

I encourage you to read Washington: A Lifeby Ron Chernow and Lincoln’s Sword and Honor’s Voice by Douglas Wilson.

These were two very real men who intentionally stepped into doing and saying what they each felt was the right thing to do and say. The very real storms of violence waged around them, and they gambled everything they had to do what they thought was the right thing to do. They influenced the way other people thought so those people could make decisions that improved results in a sustainable way.

We could all learn a lot by studying closely these two very real leaders.

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