Select One Good Book and Read it Cover to Cover

Reading can help your career as much as constantly doing things. You are evaluated and rewarded on your performance and results, but reading can enhance your performance and results.

I encourage you to choose a topic that you want to get better at. This could be a desire to get better at how to do something, or it could be a desire to understand something better.

Then choose one good book in that category.

Then read that book cover to cover. Don’t give up on it just because you’re enduring a boring section. The discipline in reading the entire book is essential.

Right now I’m reading Grant by Ron Chernow. It’s 959 pages long. It seems endless. However, along the way (I’m on page 307) there have been many nuggets about leadership, performance, strategy, tactics, and decision-making that have made the read well worth it.

Select a book, and read it all the way to the end.

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