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Visit Dan Coughlin at www.thecoughlincompany.com He works with business leaders to generate sustainable, profitable growth for their organizations. His focus is on improving individual excellence, leadership excellence, management excellence, and team excellence.

As a keynote teacher, seminar leader, and executive coach, his clients include Toyota, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Shell, Marriott, RE/MAX, GE Capital, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Prudential, Subway, and more than 200 other organizations.

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Take Vacations Seriously

You have something remarkable to contribute to other people. You have character strengths, passions, values, talents, and a purpose. You want to matter. You can do something remarkable with your life.


Some weeks you need to shut it all down and relax. Truly reinvigorate your mind and body. You need to let go of all that purposefulness, and invest in truly recharging your batteries.

Get away from your work. Stop touching it. Stop thinking about it. Let your mind soak in the sun or the snow or the water. Read something that has nothing to do with work. Go to see a show you normally never let yourself do.

Vacations are serious work. They need to be treated with respect. Take 2-3 weeks a year to allow yourself to unwind. Truly unwind, relax, and slowly reinvigorate yourself. To skip a vacation is just as big a mistake as to not do the best quality work that you are capable of doing.

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